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When fertilization is processed conscious it supplies fertile, however, if we apply it unconscious it brings harm. For this reason we shouldnt do unconscious fertilization.

Continuation of production is possible only when the manufacturer has profit from making this work. Of agricultural production to be profitable duly many activities such us; soil preparation, seed selection, planting, pest control, irrigation and fertilization are necessary to be applied smoothly. Making duly and properly fertilizing is possible with growing crops and determining correctly the nutrients capacity of the soils.Because the plants uptake many of the nutrients they need from the soil. However, unfortunately, the nutrient elements in our regions' soils are not enough to let the plant develop fully and turn into a profitable crop. In this case missing plant nutrients in the soil have to be completed with fertilizers.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Iron and Zinc are the main nutrient elements which have deficiency in our region soils. Since Nitrogen Deficiency is seen in almost all of our soils, nitrogenous fertilizers should be applied to the whole plants. The amount of nitrogen fertilizer we should apply varies according to plant varieties we are going to grow in our field and whether our field is arid or hdyrated. The plants need less nitrogen are, chickpeas, lentils and beans what we call pulses. These plants account only with 5 kgs of nitrogen per decare, with seedling application only is sufficient for a satisfactory yield. In addition, there is no need for top fertilizing. 5 kgs of nitrogen in need of pulses can be covered by; 15 kgs of 33% ammonium nitrate or 19 kgs of 26% ammonium nitrate fertilizer.

Another nutrient element which deficiency is mostly seen in our agricultural areas is Phosphorus. However, although phosphorus is inadequate in some areas, its moderate in some parts and its sufficient in some places. Since The amount of phosphorus fertilizer to be applied depends on the status of soil available phosphorus, it is not right to make a general recommendation for our region. While more fertilizer application is necessary in poor phosphorus areas, little phosphorus should be applied in moderate phosphorus areas and no phosphorus should be applied to the soils contain adequate phosphorus.

Iron and Zinc are the other nutrients which have deficiency in the agricultural areas of our province. These nutrients such as phosphorus in some areas is adequate, while in some areas is insufficient. 5-10 kgs/da of zinc application in areas that are deficient is sufficient for a satisfactory yield. Iron deficiency is observed more in fruit. For the elimination of iron deficiency chelated iron fertilizer should be applied. However since the chelated fertilizers are expensive, before applying to this solution, soil aeration which complicates the wrong tillage should be done, besides excessive and unnecessary irrigation avoidance, farm yard manure, humic acid, or iron sulfate application with iron deficiency resulting from mitigation should be brought.

In order to achieve the expected benefits from fertilization its absolutely necessary to reveal the soil nutrient status of our soil. This can only be possible with processing soil tests. Without soil tests it is not possible to fully and accurately reveal that which fertilizer type and what amount we should apply. We may meet undesirable conditions such as; increasing fertilizer costs, yield loss, pollution of our land and our environment as a result of; incorrect, unnecessary or incomplete fertilization...

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