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OZLU KARDESLER GROUP which was founded in 1983 by OZLUTIRAS FAMILY has been ADANA City Area Distrubutor of Mineral Oil Fuel in 1995. With the development of Mineral Oil Industry in Turkey, OZLUKARDESLER CO. has continued to the sale of Mineral Oil to all parts of Turkey. Today, OZLUKARDESLER CO. is working efficiently and successfully. We have logged in Agriculture Sector as OZLUKARDESLER FERTILIZER in 2010. OZLUKARDESLER CO. that produces chemical and organic fertilizers; today has reached the position of catering to all regions of Turkey with a mission to provide the best service and to supply the best conditions to the Turkish consumers and exports their NPK Compound Granular Base Fertilizers and Liquid Fertilizers to Middle East, North Africa and Balkans countries.

OZLUKARDESLER CO. who has been serving to a certain number of customers initially, initiated a process of restructuring in 2011 by grewing rapidly in the sector and today takes place among the leading organisations of the sector after increased its power many times more.

OZLUKARDESLER CO. who gains its strength from its principles and quality continues to serve to the Turkish Economy and Farmers in all these sectors by controlling all the business nets in their management area buildings inholds administrative and marketing units located in Akdeniz Street, Karatas Avenue – Adana City – Turkey.

Our Customers are our Benefactors; Our Most Important Asset is our Human Resources…

One of our principles is to be a company who understands best and replies to the requirements of our customers, product needs and service expectations; providing permanent supremacies by creating effective differences.

Another principle of us is to contribute to the development of our country by an understanding of accepting our customers, our employees, our suppliers and the environment as our partners.

OZLUKARDESLER CO. has always believed since its establishment that the key to success is productive, disciplined and planned working. Reputable, stable and powerful, honest and reliable institution. It is dynamic, gives value to CREATIVITY and INNOVATION, invests in Research and Development (R&D Studies), conveys a sense of responsibility to the society, works to add value to all its stakeholders for the material and spiritual works, and is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY… 

Özlü Kardeşler
Petrol Madeni Yağ Motorlu Araçlar İnşaat Taah Madencilik Gübre
İmalatı İthalat İhracat Limited Şirketi
Akdeniz Mah. Karataş Cad. No:421 Yüreğir / Adana
Tel: 0322 322 62 45
Fax: 0322 323 36 04